R.E.G.I.A. srl, from 2010, decided to invest in the field of electrochemical accumulators for automotive purposes. 

The company focus on two main subjects:

1)Trading of japanese electrochemical accumulators.

electrochemical accumulatorsR.E.G.I.A. undersigned agreements for the supply of lithium-ion battery with major japanese manufacturers. Despite the price of these electrochemical accumulators being slightly higher than chinese and korean products, our goods distinguish for better performance (number of cycles and resistance to extreme temperature) and higher safety (absence of liquid electrolytes and/or utilization of high thermal durability separator in order to prevent thermal runaway phenomena and similar), so to justify their price.
Our trusted supplier also guarantees their products against the higher standards of risks.
R.E.G.I.A. tests and characterizes the samples received at the Science of Materials and Chemical Engineering Department (DISMIC) of Politecnico di Torino.


2) R&D on materials used for the production of lithium-ion electrodes and electrolytes and on industrial processes for the production of cells.


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