R.E.G.I.A. is a family owned firm, founded in 1982 with the name of CONSORGEST by the same current shareholders Umberto Novarese and Laura Libra. The compay has always been focused on realization and management of highly innovative projects.

From 1982 to 1987, the company promoted the formation of several consortiums of SMEs with the aim of acquiring disused industrial areas in order to reorganize their business activities and reallocate the workforce:

  • Rexim Bugnone, Rivoli (Turin area)
  • Remmert, San Maurizio C.se (Turin area)
  • Bassano, Copiano (Pavia area)
  • Neohm, Saronno (Varese area)

From 1987 to 1990, the company facilitated the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) in the acquisition of the Masino historic Castle; it reorganized and managed the reopening of the site as a museum.

From 1991 to 2006, the company acquired the Tina Castle (Turin area). It operated a complete renovation and trasformation into a nursing home.
The company managed the site until the 31st of May 2006.

Considering the new focus towards renewables energies and sustainable mobility, the management equipped the nursing home with both a photovoltaic and a solar thermal systems as well as an electric car for the daily operations.
The activity was finally sold between 2006 and 2007.

-the Telios Foundations was established with the aim of promoting the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

-R.E.G.I.A. was turned into a new type of company (srl) with two areas of business:

• Sustainable mobility, with a particular attention to electric vehicles and innovative types of electrochemical accumulators (Technical director: Carlo Novarese).
• Renewable energy production.

Between the 2007 and 2009, with regards to the promotion of sustainable mobility, R.E.G.I.A. implemented two strategic partnerships, with an electrical, ibrid, bimodal vehicles manufacturer and with Politecnico di Torino (Science of Materials and Chemical Engineering depts) in order to start up a research group on advanced energy storage systems for autotraction.

From May 2010 the company manages the wellness center BENSEI, in the heart of Turin.

In the same period,  a partnership with a japanese firm was established to study the feasibility of a new business idea: importing and marketing japanese lithium batteries for autotraction in Italy and Europe.

R.E.G.I.A. srl operates reinvesting the profit gained from its previous businesses. It is also willing to evaluate partnerships and collaborations proposals that would share the same goal of promoting industrial research and development typical of national and regional policies.

Turin, September 2013

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